If you live in or plan to visit the Savannah-area, Sweet Savannah Shrimp™ are always in stock at Dubberly’s Seafood (follow them on Facebook). Sweet Savannah Shrimp™ can be purchased by the pound. Wholesale pricing may also be available for call ahead orders of 100 pounds or more.


To find out what the Daddy’s Boy (Facebook page) and Jenna Renee (Facebook page) shrimp boats are bringing in, call the retail shop at 912.925.6433 or see our Contact Us page. Debbie, Jean or Frank will be happy to assist you!

Local shrimp availability may include:

  • Heads on (whole shrimp) or heads off – shell on

  • Fresh, never-frozen, non-frozen or Individually Quick Frozen

  • Sizes ranging from medium to jumbo

Cash, credit and SNAP/EBT are accepted.

Spring & Summer Hours

  • Sunday closed

  • Monday closed

  • Tuesday 9 – 6

  • Wednesday 9 – 6

  • Thursday 9 – 6

  • Friday 9 – 6

  • Saturday 9 – 5



Sweet Savannah Shrimp™ are each hand inspected, sorted, washed and bagged before being placed in salt water and flash frozen or placed below deck in cold storage. This process allows them to be Individually Quick Frozen onboard the Daddy’s Boy and Jenna Renee shrimp boats, within minutes of being harvested – at their peak freshness.

Captains Jeff and Mike have pledged to not use corn syrup or sugar in the flash-freezing process and not use artificial preservatives or sulfites in their fresh, never frozen Sweet Savannah Shrimp™.

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