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About Us

Quality starts at the boat. Sweet Savannah Shrimp™ brand shrimp are harvested by two shrimp boats: Daddy’s Boy and Jenna Renee. These boats are equipped to store both fresh, never frozen and Individually Quick Frozen shrimp. Sweet Savannah Shrimp™ are each hand inspected, sorted, washed and bagged before being placed in salt water and flash frozen or placed below deck in cold storage. This process allows Sweet Savannah Shrimp™ to be Individually Quick Frozen onboard the Daddy’s Boy and Jenna Renee shrimp boats, within minutes of being harvested – at their peak freshness. Captains Jeff and Mike have pledged to not use corn syrup or sugar in the flash-freezing process and not use artificial preservatives or sulfites in their fresh, never frozen Sweet Savannah Shrimp™. Each full-time crew member has a minimum of 10 years experience.

Captains Mike and Jeff Dubberly are committed to high quality standards as well as sustainable fishing practices. The boats harvesting Sweet Savannah Shrimp™ are equipped with Turtle Excluder devices and Bycatch Reduction Devices. The captains also operate with reduced trawl times.
Wild shrimp are fed by nature. Nutrients indigenous to our region’s coastal waters give our shrimp a “sweet” taste. Swimming in tides, currents, and escaping from hungry predators contributes to the pleasing, firm texture of our shrimp.

Captains Jeff and Mike Dubberly
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